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About Cosmetic Dentistry in Brentwood, MD

A naturally flawless and beautiful smile isn’t something that most are born with. Today, thanks to cosmetic dentistry, it is possible to attain that attractive smile you enjoy sharing. Cosmetic dentistry is a group of procedures that help to alter your smile for a more attractive look. This can include the transformation of your teeth, gums, or bite by correcting teeth that are cracked, discolored, missing, or uneven. MINT dentistry in Brentwood, MD helps men and women of all ages get the smile they want. The social and emotional advantages of having an attractive smile can be substantial and invaluable. If you are tired of hiding your smile, we recommend scheduling an appointment with our skilled team of board-certified professionals to learn more about cosmetic dentistry. MINT dentistry looks forward to transforming your smile and your life.

Who Is a Candidate for Cosmetic Dentistry?

Several procedures can be combined to create a cosmetic dentistry plan that meets your needs. An ideal candidate for cosmetic dentistry is anyone who wants to enhance their appearance with a more attractive smile. During a consultation at MINT dentistry in Brentwood, MD, we will assess your oral health and your smile before recommending cosmetic dentistry procedures. We will treat any dental conditions you have prior to starting your cosmetic treatment plan. We will work with you to help customize your cosmetic dentistry plan so that all of your needs and goals are met.

What Does Cosmetic Dentistry Include?

Our team at MINT dentistry is excited to offer a plethora of cosmetic dentistry treatments and procedures. From teeth whitening and tooth-colored fillings to the Invisalign® retainers that improve your bite, there's many options that can create a beautiful smile. Also, porcelain veneers can effectively rejuvenate your smile so it's as stunning as any smile in Hollywood. For a missing tooth or several, the advanced technology behind dental implants can create a symmetrical restoration. Lastly, if your smile looks too "gummy," it can be corrected with laser gum contouring to give you a more even gumline. MINT dentistry in Brentwood, MD is known for upscale service and offering a great experience. Understanding your goals will be our focus at your initial consultation. Your dentist will take everything into consideration, then form a comprehensive plan for treatments to create your ideal smile.

How Can I Maintain My Treatment Results?

Your follow-up appointments and recovery time will vary based on your specific cosmetic dentistry treatment plan and dental goals. After any procedure at MINT dentistry, we will give you instructions and tips to help you keep your smile as healthy and beautiful as possible. A good way to help maintain your beautiful new smile is with twice yearly professional cleanings by our team of dental professionals. A diligent routine at home with daily flossing and brushing will protect the results of your smile makeover last as long as possible. Some services (like in-office whitening) may require maintenance treatments to rejuvenate your initial results.

The MINT Commitment

The services and treatments that fall under cosmetic dentistry are generally considered elective procedures. Thus, dental insurance policies might not cover treatment expenses. However, we will speak to your provider to understand your policy coverage before estimating your out-of-pocket cost. MINT dentistry believes that all of our patients should enjoy a healthy, attractive smile, so MINT dentistry is committed to helping you achieve that goal while making it easier to fit into your budget. Ask one of our skilled staff members to get more information about our MINT dentistry financing programs. A smile makeover with cosmetic dentistry is an investment in yourself by making an amazing effect on your confidence. We encourage you to think about the advantages of getting these treatments with board-certified dental professionals in Brentwood, MD you trust.

Smile With Confidence

Give everyone you meet a lasting impression with a flashing and dazzling smile. If you want a smile you are proud to share, MINT dentistry is here to help. Our team of experienced dental professionals, advanced equipment, and modern facility help us to change the lives of all our patients. When you want to make your teeth sexy, make an appointment at MINT dentistry in Brentwood, MD.

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