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About Tooth Extractions in Brentwood, MD

At MINT dentistry, our skilled team makes every effort to preserve and save natural teeth. However, there are certain instances where a tooth must be removed to protect a patient's oral health. Simple extractions are utilized to remove teeth that have emerged (or erupted) through the gums. This is generally offered for a tooth that is damaged beyond repair. A surgical extraction removes teeth that are more difficult to extract from the jaw or positioned beneath the gumline, as the wisdom teeth often are. Regardless of the reason for needing a dental extraction, our knowledgeable team will take steps to help ensure you feel calm and cared for. Our office in Brentwood, MD offers sedation dentistry options, including nitrous oxide and oral sedation, to help you remain relaxed throughout the extraction process. Get in touch with our team for more information or to schedule an appointment for a tooth extraction.

When Is a Tooth Extraction Needed?

When a tooth is severely damaged, broken, or otherwise deteriorated, our MINT dentists will make every attempt to repair it with a dental filling, crown, or other restoration. However, if these options are unsuccessful, a tooth extraction could be needed. Patients may also require a tooth extraction to remove teeth that lack the sufficient space to properly erupt, like the wisdom teeth, which tend to emerge between the ages of 17 – 21 years. Baby teeth that have not fallen out on their own might have to be extracted to create space for the underlying permanent teeth. Patients who may need traditional braces or Invisalign® treatment may require the extraction of one or more teeth to help facilitate the orthodontic process.

How Is a Tooth Extraction Performed?

At our modern practice in Brentwood, MD, we can utilize sedation dentistry methods to help you remain relaxed throughout the extraction procedure. The type of sedation we recommend will be based on the type of extraction you need and the degree of any dental fear or anxiety you may have. Before your procedure begins, we'll take steps to ensure your comfort. When everything is in place, our team will begin the treatment. For a simple extraction, we will employ an advanced approach to gently remove the tooth. With a surgical extraction, our team will make an incision in your gum tissues to access the tooth. In some instances, a tooth may need to be sectioned into fragments to make it easier to remove. Once the extraction is complete, our team will suture the gums and rinse the area.

Extraction Aftercare Recommendations

If you plan to receive sedation for your extraction, you may be advised to have a friend or family member drive you home. Our team will provide post-treatment guidelines to follow as your mouth heals. The tips will vary depending on the technique used for your extraction; however, you may be advised to eat soft, cool food for at least a few days after the procedure. You may have swelling and soreness in your jaw following your tooth extraction, so we recommend using cool compresses or over-the-counter pain meds to enhance your comfort. If needed, you may be prescribed antibiotics or pain medication. Along with any recommended appointments for check-ups, you should attend twice-yearly cleanings and dental check-ups at MINT dentistry in Brentwood, MD so our team can monitor your oral health.

The MINT Commitment

Dental extractions may be covered in part under some dental insurance plans, but sedation dentistry services might not be an included benefit. Our team can reach out to your insurance provider to review your coverage and calculate any out-of-pocket costs. If you do not carry dental insurance, we can discuss the convenient payment methods accepted at MINT dentistry or help you apply for low-interest financing, which may help make your care even more affordable.

Comprehensive Dental Care

Whether you have a tooth that is failing or lack the space needed for a tooth to erupt, a dental extraction may be the way to better oral health. Schedule an exam and consultation at MINT dentistry in Brentwood, MD to learn more about tooth extractions and your treatment options. If you experience dental fear or anxiety when visiting the dentist, speak with our team about sedation dentistry solutions to help keep you relaxed and at ease throughout your procedure.

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