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About Bone Grafting in Brentwood, MD

We’re commited to giving our patients a beautiful smile they’ll love when they step into MINT dentistry. However, your smile is only beautiful if it's also healthy. The strength of your jawbone is imperative to your oral health. When your jawbone is weak from a physical trauma or missing teeth, you may need a bone graft to help augment the strength of your jawbone so it will be able to hold dental implants or removable dentures. At MINT dentistry in Brentwood, MD, bone augmentation surgery is often recommended to prepare your jaw for dentures or dental implant surgery to replace missing or damaged teeth. Set up a consultation with our team at MINT dentistry in Brentwood, MD to learn more about jawbone grafting. MINT dentistry's board-certified doctors are skilled in performing oral surgery to help you get a healthy and attractive smile.

Am I a Candidate for Bone Grafting?

Blunt trauma to your lower face or an oral condition like gum disease can result in a weakened jaw. Your jawbone may also be weakened from atrophy if a tooth or teeth have not been replaced with a dental implant. Bone augmentation surgery strengthens and prepares the jaw for dentures or a dental implant, but you will need to be patient with the process. Some procedures often takes months to complete, but you will have a stronger jawbone and better oral health. To determine whether you need bone grafting surgery, your dentist will obtain digital x-rays and perform a thorough examination during your initial consultation at MINT dentistry in Brentwood, MD.

How Does Bone Grafting Work?

Our dental providers will help you settle into one of our relaxing massage chairs before we administer your preferred method of sedation. Once your graft is prepared for placement, your MINT dental team will make incisions in your gums so it can be attached to your jawbone. Tissue regenerative factors are added to the graft to speed integration. When the graft(s) has been placed, the surgeon will close the incisions in your gums and rinse the area. The grafted material will be allowed to heal and integrate with your jawbone.

After the Bone Grafting Procedure

Over the course of about 6 – 9 months, your mouth will heal, and your remaining natural jawbone will integrate with the graft. During this time, it's important to follow a good home oral care routine with daily flossing and brushing along with any products your MINT dentistry team recommends (for example, a prescribed mouthwash or antibiotics). We will schedule your follow-up visits at MINT dentistry so your dentist can monitor your progress and determine when you can move to the next step in your treatment plan. To keep your mouth healthy after grafting, our dentists suggest scheduling appointments for cleanings twice a year at our Brentwood, MD practice.

The MINT Commitment

We will confirm your dental coverage when we reach out to your dental insurance prior to your bone graft appointment. If it's deemed medically necessary, a portion of your bone grafting surgery cost may be covered under your plan. During your consultation and exam, we can give you cost estimates and discuss ways to make your care easier to afford. MINT dentistry is dedicated to helping our patients receive the procedures needed for a gorgeous smile. If you do not have insurance and cannot afford your bone grafting, ask a member of our team about the MINT Discount Plan.

Advanced Care

Good oral health is where your sexy teeth begin. Restore the health of your jawbone so it can support dental implants or traditional dentures with bone grafting at MINT dentistry in Brentwood, MD. At your first appointment with your team of board-certified dental professionals, you can get more information about bone grafting surgery and receive a personalized treatment plan designed to help strengthen your jaw and optimize your oral health. Get in touch with MINT dentistry to reserve your appointment.

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